About Us

Economic Prices

The principle of continuous economic and quality service without sacrificing competitiveness and quality.

First Class Fleet and Staff

With its developing and developed fleet, it is always at your service with the best yacht fleet and employees.

Customer Happiness

Customer Happiness

About SeaLife

Setting out with the motto of always the best service, SeaLife Yachting has always prioritized customer satisfaction and customer experience. All yacht charter activities are carried out by our company, which is a taxpayer. We are happy to serve you, our esteemed guests, with our large fleet of yachts, in order to provide you with the comfort of home during our tours. Our company; In addition to Istanbul (Beykoz Bay, Princes’ Islands, Poyrazköy 3rd bridge), it also provides yacht charter services in Muğla (Bodrum, Göcek). Our yachts; It is at your service in many fields such as marriage proposal, Bachelorette parties, Travel tours, Accommodation tours, Business lunches and travels, swimming tours. For these cruises, we have options for meals, hot and cold beverage services, entertainment activities, laser and fireworks shows, and we aim to provide quality service to our valued guests.

2022 Model New and Current Yacht Models

Our Current Yacht Fleet

In order to make your cruise and entertainment more comfortable, we have brought together the prominent features of our current 2020 yacht fleet for you. All of our yacht models have the specified features.

Sealife History


Sea Life Started Yacht Charter Service

Our company, which operates in the field of maritime, started to provide yacht rental services to its valuable customers in 2010 for the first time in corporate yacht rental service.


Initial Growth Target

Sealife Yachting, with its staff that always adopts the best service understanding in line with the increasing supply and demand, aimed to double its yacht fleet in 2015 and went to improve its fleet.


Adaptation to Developing Technology

Sealife Yachting, which has been providing corporate yacht charter services in 2010, has been more accessible to its customers through new channels by keeping up with the developing technology age and creating corporate web interface and social media accounts.Likewise, in order to keep up with the developing technology, luxury services such as internet, television and electricity needs in all of its yachts, suitable for today’s comfort conditions, are offered to our valued guests.