Anniversary Celebrations

Anniversaries come first among the most special days… There is no doubt that such special days should be celebrated in the most special places. Every year, are you tired of celebrating your anniversaries at home, at a dinner party or anywhere? If you are bored, we have a great offer for you! How would you like to celebrate those special moments on a boat with the unique view of the blue waters this year? When you think of the anniversary celebrations on the boat, we can hear your heart pounding… So what are you waiting for? We want to tell you that we are just a phone call away. You can spend your wedding anniversary celebrations and other special days in the most fun way, whether alone or with your group of friends. You can decorate the inside of our boat as you wish, as befits your special day. On that day, our boat will come to you as you wish, you have no doubt about it… If you want to spend dream-like moments and save memories to tell your children and even your grandchildren in the future, you can reach us instantly and in the fastest way from our contact numbers. Our shopping destination for anniversary celebrations is on the Anatolian side. We would like to say that we departed from Çengelköy Kuleli Military High School located on the shore of the Bosphorus.