Swimming Tours

Can we see those who love swimming a lot? Since our number is quite large, we would like to tell you that we have great news. Are you ready to join the swimming tour with us in Poyrazköy and Beykoz? We seem to hear that your answer is YES … Those who miss the Aegean can easily relieve their longing thanks to the Poyrazköy swimming tour. Because the nature view of this place is just like the Aegean. Also, the sea is extremely clean. We also guarantee that you will be dazzled by this situation. We would like to say that we have good news for fish lovers. Those who prefer the Poyrazköy swimming tour can eat fish as they wish at our contracted fish restaurants. Of course, we did not forget the people who do not want to eat the fish in the restaurant! People can also have their fish served on our yacht, if they wish. Our Beykoz swimming tour is also very close in distance. Therefore, we would like to point out that you can spend a lot of time. We would also like to emphasize that the sea is extremely clean here too. Our place of purchase is on the Anatolian side. We would like to say that we departed from Çengelköy Kuleli Military High School located on the shore of the Bosphorus. We would like to inform you about the duration of Istanbul boat swimming tours. Our swimming tours start at 10:00 in the morning and finish at 18:00 in the evening.